10 - 100
Number of players
Game length

Everyone will enjoy this funny escape game! Your task is to reconstruct memories from the crazy office party that was thrown yesterday. One of your colleagues has mysteriously lost one of his fingers. Can you figure out what has exactly happened last night and can you get to the finger in time? Time is running and you are the only ones, who can save the poor guy‘s finger. The stakes are high. If you fail, the guy will lose the finger for good…

A portable escape game can hold up to 100 participants playing at the same time. In teams of 5 people, players go around the venue and search for hints and clues, solve puzzles, fulfil various funny and tricky tasks and try their best to accomplish the mission and beat other teams.

We will bring the game anywhere you wish.

The price is based on the number of participants. Contact us at or by phone at +420 723 640 930 and we will prepare an accurate price calculation.

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