PUZZLE ROOM Čechova 10, Prague 7
PUZZLE ROOM Senovážná 8, Prague 1
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Escape games

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Escape rooms

Escape rooms

One team, one room, one hour to escape from it. Uncover clues, solve mysteries, use up time. The PUZZLE ROOM escape games are designed for 2-10 players.

60 minutes + 10 minutes introduction to the game

2 - 10 players

thematic escape rooms

Čechova 10, Prague 7
Senovážná 8, Prague 1

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Escape missions

Escape missions

Your team was posted on a mission. The mission takes place in a covered public space and the team solves tasks with a special tablet application (included in the game). The game can be played in all weather and in a larger number of teams at a time.

90 minutes + 10 minutes introduction to the game

2 - 40 players

a game in a covered public space, a tablet used during the game

Senovážná 8, Prague 1

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Portable escape game

Portable game

Would you like to play an escape game during a teambuilding at work, at a party or maybe at an event you have organized? We have a solution for you. Our portable game is original, fun and suitable for more players at once.

30 minutes or 60 minutes

10 - 100 players

any indoor space in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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Prices and possibilities of payments


escape rooms

2 players

1000 Kč

3 - 5 players

1200 Kč


2200 Kč


Alice in wonderland

3 - 5 players

1350 Kč

6 - 7 players

1600 Kč


escape mission

2 players

1000 Kč

3 - 5 players

1200 Kč


2200 Kč

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  • Great intellectual fun

    Though-through and resourceful game…beautiful decorations, it all made a sense :) We have been with two little kids – they found it the best thing of their holidays :)

    Maria P. - Tripadvisor

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An escape game as a gift?

Enough with knit socks! Give something original and unusual. It’s a bit of a cliché, but experience is the best gift you can give someone. A PUZZLE ROOM, an escape game full of fun, tension and deduction, is indeed a real experience.

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