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Escape missions

Try our unique escape mission.

You and your team were sent for a mission. You don't know where but you know what your goal is. The game takes place under the roof in a public heated space and the team is solving the tasks through a special application on tablet. The game can be played in any kind of weather. Escape missions are designed for 2 to 5 players though can be played as a duel too. It means that two teams are competing against each other. Who solves the mission first, wins. To get to the missions’ location on foot takes approximately 5 minutes.

Personal belongings (bags and rucksack) can be stored in lockers at PUZZLE ROOM Senovážna.


Escape mission Kidnapping


You are a team of private investigators. Your task is to save the rich heir Vanessa from the hands of kidnappers before it is too late. You have just 90 minutes to save her and the time is running. Escape mission Kidnapping can be played not only against the time but against each other as well. Challenge your colleagues, mates or family for the battle. Up to 8 teams can play at the same time.

ATTENTION! Unfortunately due to the upcoming reconstruction of the entire residential block Senovážna 8 where our 2nd branch is located, you will get the last opportunity to play Kidnapping or Alenka only till 15th February 2019.

Escape mission Kidnapping
Escape mission Kidnapping
Escape mission Kidnapping
Escape mission Kidnapping
Escape mission Kidnapping

Escape game is for 2 - 40 players 2 - 40 players

Escape game is for companies, stag & hen parties, family Companies, stag & hen parties, family

Escape game is located in Senovážná 8, Prague 1 Senovážná 8, Prague 1

Difficulty of escape game is 3 of 5 stars


  • Great intellectual fun

    Though-through and resourceful game…beautiful decorations, it all made a sense :) We have been with two little kids – they found it the best thing of their holidays :)

    Maria P. - Tripadvisor

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An escape game as a gift?

Enough with knit socks! Give something original and unusual. It’s a bit of a cliché, but experience is the best gift you can give someone. A PUZZLE ROOM, an escape game full of fun, tension and deduction, is indeed a real experience.

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