10 - 100
Number of players
Game length

It is the year 1938, the possibility of a war with Germany is getting closer and therefor Czechoslovak leaders decide to transfer the coronation jewels from the Crown Chamber of St. Vitus Cathedral to a safer place. Operation KFC (jewels of fascinating price), as the event was called, aims to get jewels to the bank vault in Slovakia. However, a road accident occurs during the journey and one of the coronation jewels is forever lost. Or is it not forever......? Can your team solve the thief's rediscovered notes and discover a lost gem?

Portable escape game Operation KFC is mainly about fun and tension. Players will immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the 1930s and become the treasure hunters for a while. Do you also want to be absorbed by the atmosphere? Contact us at info@puzzlegames.cz or by phone at +420 723 640 930 and book your experience with portable escape game right now.

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